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The St. Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve (VMR) is controlled by a management committee consiting of representatives from local and national organisations with a vested interest in the marine enviourment of the area. The committees aim is:

'To conserve the biodiversity of the coastal waters and to raise awareness of the marine environment through education and promote sensible recreational use alongside a sustainable fishery to the mutual benefit of all'.

The VMR runs on a voluntary basis i.e. the Committee has no legal powers to make or enforce bylaws. The VMR does however have a Code of Practice which divers in particular are requested to respect.

The Constitution

  1. Membership:
    The membership shall consist of one representative each from:
    • The Eyemouth Harbour Trust
    • The Anglo Scottish Fisherman's Association
    • The St. Abbs Harbour Trust
    • The St. Abbs Inshore Fishermen
    • The St. Abbs Community Council
    • The Coldingham Community Council
    • The Eyemouth Community Council
    • The Scottish Borders Council
    • The Scottish Wildlife Trust
    • The National Trust for Scotland
    • The Marine Conservation Society
    • The British Sub-Aqua Club
    • The Scottish Sub-Aqua Club
    • The Sub-Aqua Association
    • The Eyemouth and District Sub-Aqua Club
    • The St. Abbs Head National Nature Reserve

    And observers from:

    • Scottish Natural Heritage
    • Berwickshire and North Northumberland European Marine Site
    • Any interested individuals and organisations

    The Committee may invite such organisations or individuals as may be deemed necessary to attend particular meetings.

  2. Objective:
    "To conserve the Biodiversity of the coastal waters and to raise awareness of the marine environment through education and promote responsible recreational use alongside a sustainable fishery to the mutual benefit of all."

  3. Terms of Reference:
    1. To sustain and where possible, enhance the habitats, communities and species within the Voluntary Marine Reserve.
    2. To optimise the interpretation and education potential of the Voluntary Marine Reserve to user groups and visitors.
    3. To encourage informed and sympathetic recreational use.
    4. To integrate management of the Voluntary Marine Reserve and the Berwickshire and North Northumberland European Marine Site.
    5. To use the Voluntary Marine Reserve to promote marine conservation and the need for sustainable use of the marine environment.

  4. Office Bearers:
    A Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected from among the members of the committee. All Office Bearers will serve for two years and then be eligible for re-election at the AGM.

    The Secretary will keep minutes of all committee meetings, which will be circulated to all committee members.

    The Treasurer will keep accounts and present balance sheets annually, which will be verified by an independent person at least once a year.

  5. Meetings:
    1. The Committee shall meet at least twice a year and on as many occasions as are necessary over the year. One meeting each year shall be the Annual General Meeting at which a statement of the accounts shall be made and the Office Bearers elected.
    2. A Quorum shall consist of 50% of vote holding members.
    3. In the event of an imbalance of interests at a meeting the Chairman and Vice-Chairman hold the power of veto.

  6. Employees:
    The Committee shall be able to employ a Ranger or other persons on the Reserve and appoint people to supervise and administer them.

  7. Funds:
    The Committee shall raise and hold such funds as necessary for the administration of the Reserve and employment of a Ranger or other persons.

  8. Dissolution of Funds and Assets:
    If the Reserve should cease to exist in any way, remaining funds and assets will be passed onto other charitable organisations in the Berwickshire area.

  9. Amendment of the Constitution:
    Any proposed amendment of the Constitution shall require the approval of not less than 75% of the Committee members. Members not present at a meeting must make their views known within two months of postal notification.

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