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Wreck of the Odense


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Usually referred to as the "Peanut Boat" due to its principal cargo, the Odense can be dived from a boat or alternatively, it is a relatively easy snorkel from Petticowick. The Odense originally settled in very shallow water under the cliffs where the seabirds nest to the left of Petticowick and the tops of the boilers can be seen from a boat at low tide. Consequently, it has been pounded by the full force of the sea when it is rough and not a great deal has survived. What is left is well scattered. There are some pieces of plate in about 15m of water just to the west of the rock called Wick Gaut and what remains near the boiler has been so crushed, it has virtually become part of the terrain. This is very much in the kelp zone so be prepared for a kelp crawl if you fancy your chances of finding anything here! Although it has been dived exhaustively, there is always the chance of turning something up, particularly straight after the winter when this spot will have had yet another really good pounding. It is not so many years ago that a piece of pipe was brought up with a peanut husk inside. Amazing after decades in the sea!

Text and Images by Jim Greenfield.

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Wreck Details

Location: Petticowick, St. Abbs Head
Date of Loss: 5th May 1917
Cause of Loss: Sunk by U-Boat
Type: Steamship
Length: 261.0 ft
Beam: 36.0 ft
Draught: 16.7 ft
Tonnage: 1756 gross
Latitude: 55 54 44 N
Longitude: 02 09 12 W
Depth of Water: 10 metres

Petticowick, the entry point.

Petticowick, the entry point.

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