Sun Star. St. Abbs & Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve.
Sun Star.
Scuba Diving. Scuba Diving.
Ticker tape.
Dahlia Anemone.

Map of St. Abbs Harbour Coastline


Diversity & Visibility
The Kelp Forest
Down to 15 metres
The Tide Exposed Zone
Deeper Water

Shore Diving

Shore Diving at St. Abbs
Wreck of the Odense

Boat Diving

Boat Diving
Wreck of the Alfred Erlandsen
Wreck of the Glanmire

General Information

Air & Information
Map of St. Abbs Head Coastline
Pointer to current page.Map of St. Abbs Harbour Coastline
Wolf-fish Survey

The map below shows the coastline around of village of St. Abbs and the harbour. To view the map in greater detail click on it. Please note that the map image is large and may take sometime to download.

Map of St. Abbs Harbour

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