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This is by far the most accessible, worthwhile wreck in the St. Abbs area and is often diveable when conditions inshore are not suitable. Only a few minutes from the harbour in approximately 30m of water, a lot of wreckage remains but ninety odd years is salt water has taken its toll. Much of the Glanmire is now flattened although there are some places where it rises about 5m from the bottom. The propeller (a steel one!) stands upright as do the boilers. For those looking for trophies, bear in mind it has been well picked over and little of note now remains.

This is not a dive for the inexperienced. Although not especially deep, it can be very gloomy and also bitingly cold especially in the Spring. Temperatures of four or five degrees centigrade can be expected at that time of the year so a drysuit is highly recommended. It is also a slack water dive with perhaps only half an hour of slack depending on "how neap the tide is". Staying on the wreck past the end of the slack period can mean a difficult ascent up the shotline (assuming you can find it), or being swept along and surfacing hundreds of metres from your boat with the possibility you will not be spotted.

A lot of the wreckage is covered in white and orange soft corals and with many other invertebrates established between them, the Glanmire resembles the colourful reefs for which this stretch of coast is renowned. But one of the main attractions of this wreck is the fish life. Some years the wreck seems to get adopted by huge shoals of coalfish which hang just above it and make a superb sight if you happen to be there when the visibility is good. Usually, there are plenty of big Pollack here and wary cod and ling hang about under the wreckage. This is also an excellent place for finding big, mature Wolf-fish and the occasional conger. There are not many places around St. Abbs where you are likely to see bib (pouting to southern divers) but this is one and they congregate in small groups in the shelter of the wreckage. Take a good lamp - they will help you spot the fish hiding in all the nooks and crannies.

Text and Images by Jim Greenfield.

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Wreck Details

Location: North of St. Abbs Head
Date of Loss: 25th June 1912
Cause of Loss: Struck Black Carr
Type: Steamship
Length: 242.2 ft
Beam: 33.2 ft
Draught: 15.3 ft
Tonnage: 1141 gross
Latitude: 55 55 02 N
Longitude: 02 08 07 W
Depth of Water: 30 metres

Wreck of the Glanmire.

Wreck of the Glanmire.

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Wreck of the Glanmire.

Wreck of the Glanmire.

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