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Air & Information


Diversity & Visibility
The Kelp Forest
Down to 15 metres
The Tide Exposed Zone
Deeper Water

Shore Diving

Shore Diving at St. Abbs
Wreck of the Odense

Boat Diving

Boat Diving
Wreck of the Alfred Erlandsen
Wreck of the Glanmire

General Information

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Map of St. Abbs Head Coastline
Map of St. Abbs Harbour Coastline
Wolf-fish Survey

In an Emergency

Should a situation arise in which an emergency services (including the coastguard and lifeboats services) are required then the 999 emergency telephone service should be contacted. They will then dispatch the appropriate services.

Air Compressors

Scoutscroft Diving Centre: (018907) 71669
An air compressor now operates at St. Abbs Harbour on busy weekends.

Contact Information

Forth District Coastguard 24hr*: (01333) 450 666
Eyemouth Police Station*: (018907) 50217
Eyemouth Health Centre*: (018907) 50599
*In an emergency and where appropriate dial 999 and ask for the emergency service required. The telephone numbers given here are for enquires only.

Marine Reserve Ranger: (018907) 71443
Scoutscroft Dive Centre: (018907) 71669
St.Abbs Dive Centre, Post Office: (018907) 71237

Useful publications

'A Guide to Diving in the St. Abbs and Eyemouth Marine Reserve' C.Warman Published in 1987, this guide has been around for a bit, but it covers all the dive sites This booklet covers most of the dives in the area and gives information on the entry points, dive orientation and suitable weather conditions. You can obtain this guide from most local dive outlets.

'Dive St. Abbs and Eyemouth' L.Wood. Published in 1998, and written by Lawson Wood, an expert local diver and photographer, this is a comprehensive guide to the local area and the dives within it. All the relevant information needed to plan a dive is included in this guide with entry points, notes on suitable weather conditions and what species you can expect to see on the dive. You can obtain this guide from most local dive outlets, caravan sites and other local shops.

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File Download

St. Abbs Harbour Information Sheet Rules for launching and mooring your boat at St. Abbs Harbour. Including maps of the local coastline.

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St. Abbs Webcamera.

BBC Scotland St. Abbs Webcam
BBC Scotland has installed a web camera on the lifeboat station at St. Abbs Harbour. This offers views of the harbour entrance and the cliffs beyond.