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St. Abbs is a small fishing village on a part of the Berwickshire coast where there is magnificent cliff scenery. Every spring and summer the cliffs are massed with nesting, clamouring seabirds. There are large colonies of guillemots and kittiwakes, as well as herring gulls, fulmars, razorbills and some puffins. There are frequent sightings of seals and also the occasional sightings of whales porpoise, dolphins and sharks.

The underwater scenery affords some of the most scenic dives in Britain. There are also several local ship wrecks. Diving of course, takes place throughout the year.

Peter Gibson will take visitors to view the cliffs and birds, he takes divers to locations chosen either by the divers or by him. He can be hired by parties for fishing, filming, recreational or official purposes. Any boat charter requirements are catered for.

Peter Gibson and the Guiding Star.
Peter Gibson and the Guiding Star.

His boat formerly the Guiding Star, has know been replaced by 'Selkie' which is licensed and equipped to take 14 passengers up to 50 miles off-shore. Being fully equipped with life saving devices, radar and sounder.

Peter Gibson

Peter Gibson was brought up in St. Abbs, the child of natives of St. Abbs, and was in the process given a wealth of local knowledge. His father was a keen ornithologist and imbued Peter with extensive knowledge of identification of birds and their habits. in addition, Peter has developed an interest in geology and is knowledgeable about local rock formations.

He has been a fisherman for over thirty years, trawling St. Abbs off-shore for prawns and whitefish, and shooting creels in-shore to catch lobsters and crabs. His understanding of underwater scenery, wrecks and dive sites is understandably extensive, and he can consummately give the nearest equivalent of a 'guided dive' without actually taking to the water.

Peter has a current RNLI certificate in first aid, and PADI DAN Oxygen Administration Course certificate. He carries oxygen.


Peter has been providing boat charter services for over 5 years with skill and good humour. The content of each trip depends on weather, time of year and the interests and requirements of visitors. He takes parties of bird watchers or divers booked wether individually or en bloc. The boat can be hired by the hour for any length of time by families, groups of friends, fishing parties, film production units, official survey teams and so forth. Any requirements can be catered for. Whatever the trip his aim is always to give each visitor an enjoyable experience and a professional service.

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Charter Boat, Selkie.

Charter Boat, Selkie.

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Contact Details

Skipper: Peter Gibson
Boat Name: Selkie
Address: The Rest
   St. Abbs
   TD14 5PP
Telephone: 018907 71681
Fax: 018907 71312
Mobile: 0770 268 7606

Fascinating Fact

'Selkie' in the Orcadian dialect is simply the word meaning 'seal'. However the Orcadians have many tales concerning the magical race of selkie-folk. creatures with the ability to transform from seals into beautiful humans. To achieve this transformation the Selkie folk have to shed their skin. Should they lose their shed skin they remain in human form until it is found.

From aboard the 'Selkie' you too can enter the realm of the Selkie folk. However you'll have to supply your own skin. We would recommend that the skin is a dry suit, as the north sea can be quite chilly.