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Topline Boat Charter

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Dive St. Abbs Boat Charter
St. Abbs Boat Charter
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'Dive St.Abbs' was founded by Paul Crowe in 2004.

His family have been fishermen for generations, so not surprisingly, Paul chose the same career for himself, following in the family's tradition.

A local man, he was born in St.Abbs and now operates his own vessel, the 'MV.Topline' Formerly a fishing boat, she is a Watercraft 35 having been converted and refurbished for the safety and comfort of passengers and is suitable for all types of charter.

Fishing the seas for ten years, Paul gained a vast experience, especially of the North Sea off the East Coast of Scotland and in particular the coastal waters.

He is the helmsman/mechanic of the RNLI's Inshore Lifeboat at St.Abbs and his local knowledge of the coastline and history that surrounds St.Abbs and Eyemouth is vast, adding to the pleasurable experience of his charter passengers.

Having diving experience himself, Paul knows just how much this area has to offer, both diving and above the sea.

He welcomes new visitors and old friends alike and his pleased to share his experience and knowledge with them.

The coastal waters of St.Abbs and Eyemouth are among the most famous diving locations in the world, attracting scuba divers of all nationalities, eager to Charter the 'MV.Topline' and explore the undersea world in the waters off shore.

However, if you prefer to stay above the waves and enjoy Sea Angling our boat is sometimes available for fishing charters.

The MV Topline is also a suitable vessel for different kinds of charters such as sightseeing and surveys.

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Charter Boat, Topline.

Charter Boat, Topline.

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Contact Details

Skipper: Paul Crowe
Boat Name: Topline
Telephone: 018907 71945
Mobile: 07710 961 050

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