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There are many different species of fish to be found in the sea of the Marine Reserve. Some species prefer living in the shallow water, which cover the shore areas when the tide is in. When the tide goes out they either hide in rockpools or lie under stones where there is enough water trapped to keep them damp until the tide comes back in.

Shores with rockpools or lots of boulders are the best places to hunt for fish and are found along most of the Marine Reserve. The commonest fish found on the shore are the Eelpout and Butterfish. These are often found hiding under stones or dense seaweed when the tide is out. When they are uncovered they are able to wriggle away very quickly and are difficult to catch without a net.

Fish that can be found in rockpools when the tide is out include the Shanny and the 15-spined Stickleback. More rarely other species of fish, which have been trapped as the tide goes out, and found stranded and dead or in rockpools. You may even find species like the Scorpion fish or the Lumpsucker.

You can also find some species of fish on sandy shores, particularly around the low water mark. If you walk though the shallow water here you may disturb flat fish such as Flounders and Plaice. Sandeels may also be found here, they are particularly important as food to many species of seabird.

Images by Jim Greenfield.

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Butter Fish.

Butter Fish.

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Scorpion Fish.

Scorpion Fish.

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